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Why should you invest in Community Energy?

Community energy projects, such as solar panels on a local school or leisure centre, can help reduce reliance on the National Grid. If community-owned rooftop solar was installed all over our borough, our community sites would have  greater energy independence and be less vulnerable to fluctuations in energy prices and supply disruptions.

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By investing your money in community energy projects, you would be directly involved in deciding where the profits go in the community - for example towards starting a Community Benefit Fund or an educational training programme for young people. This is exactly what Croydon Community Energy (CCE) intends to do once our first solar projects are up and running!

Investing in CCE solar projects can also offer stable and predictable returns likely to be between 3% and 6% on your initial investment  (between £50 and £20,000). If you invest, you'll automatically become a member of CCE - you'll be invited to our Annual General Meetings (AGMs)and be consulted on key decisions regarding the organisation. It's your money, you'll be able to influence how it's spent in our borough.

Here's how the funding model works:

A flow chart showing how the money invested in a community energy project ends up back in the community

It’s also important to highlight that decentralised community energy systems have the potential to significantly enhance the resilience and reliability of the energy supply nationally. In the face of natural disasters or other disruptions, the local energy sources can continue to provide power, helping communities maintain essential services and function more independently. Therefore, it is crucial that you support the promotion of local energy projects.

If you’re an individual who prioritises sustainable living and community well-being, investing in solar panels is a meaningful way to contribute to these goals.

Solar panels on a house with blue sky

Overall, this also fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, which ultimately leads to strengthening community bonds.

You can express interest in investing in our first community share offer here.

Looking for other ways to be involved?

Consider becoming a member of the empowered CCE community or become a volunteer to lead projects you're interested in, become a local energy champion!

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