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Community Share Offer

Later this year, we will be launching our first ever community share offer to raise the money for our first solar projects. To find out more about the funding model, click below.

Expression of Interest Form

Croydon Community Energy are planning to install solar panels on five sites in Croydon as our first project. By investing, we will use the money to buy the solar panels and the sites will pay their electricity bills, at a greatly reduced rate, to CCE, who own the panels (or rather you as the investors do!). 

The return on investment is likely to be between 3% and 6% and the investments are required to be between £50 and £20,000. If you invest, you'll automatically become a member of CCE - you'll be invited to our AGM and be consulted on key decisions regarding the organisation. It's your money, you'll be able to influence how it's spent in our borough. 

This form is an 'expression of interest' and implies no commitment: you will be contacted by email when the opportunity to invest becomes available, some time in late 2024. By clicking 'submit' you'll be giving us permission to contact you in 2024 to give you information about the investment opportunity. 

Please see our privacy policy here & you can subscribe to our mailing list here.

Thanks for expressing your interest!

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