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Eco Fair

Croydon Council declared a climate emergency in 2019, but despite the recommendation of community engagement (as part of the Croydon Climate Crisis Commission report), very little has been done to create a substantial Climate Action Plan. One of the recommendations agreed to by the Council (rec. 11) is to establish a target to increase renewable energy generation by 10% every year in Croydon, which the projects of Croydon Community Energy can help achieve.


With no clear data on how many buildings are council-owned, and one recommendation from the report to engage with local businesses on  commercial building retrofit and explore tax-based incentives, we believe we can act as a bridge between the Council and the community to achieve its goals.

These projects are important in Croydon because, despite the initial engagement from Steve Reed MP back in 2017, no community energy group had been successfully set up in the borough. We want to help educate and empower our community to reduce  carbon emissions, particularly those not already engaged with environmental activism.  

Hear our founder, Connie, talk about Croydon Community Energy, why it's important to collaborate with the community and how we can break down the barriers to the sector and bring everyone along to a greener, cleaner future.

Video credit: Di Chen


Develop renewable energy projects and deliver energy education to empower our community.


We exist to ensure Croydon is contributing to the nation’s net zero goals to combat the climate emergency, whilst empowering people through energy advice, skills and education.

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Croydon Community Energy was born from the idea that clean, renewable energy should be accessible for all. We have the below goals:

  • Developing renewable energy and renewable heating projects in Croydon

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the local area

  • Involving people from the community in our projects

  • Creating community ownership of renewable assets

  • Supporting the local community’s progression to a low carbon economy

  • Promoting and offering retrofit & energy efficiency advice to the local community

  • Offering climate action education to the local community

How Solar Works

The Funding Model

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