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Croydon Community Energy Strategy Day Recap: A Day of Vision, Collaboration, and Future Planning

Updated: May 28

Last Friday, Croydon Community Energy (CCE) hosted a pivotal Strategy Day, bringing together members of our group to shape the future of our community-driven energy initiatives. It was a resounding success, thanks in no small part to our exceptional facilitator, Alex Hartley, whose expertise and enthusiasm set the tone for a productive and inspiring day.

Setting Our Heartbeat

A woman sat in front of a computer with a presentation in the background
Alex kicking off the day!

The day kicked off with a warm welcome and refreshments, creating an inviting atmosphere for participants. The morning session, "Setting Our Heartbeat," saw each of us sharing our motivations for joining CCE, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. This was followed by an quick engaging activity on CCE's values, laying a solid foundation for the day's discussions.

Defining Our Goals and Objectives

Two people are bent over a table writing notes whilst a man is stood in the background also thinking
Damian, Reysha and Nim working hard

From 10:30 am, we delved into "Defining Organisation Goals and Objectives." This session was split into two parts, beginning with a reminder of SMART goals and the co-creation of a roadmap for CCE's future. We prioritised critical goals across areas such as solar energy projects, job creation, education, lobbying, and tackling fuel poverty. This collective effort ensured our objectives are both aspirational and achievable, with a clear focus on measurable outcomes.

Mapping Our Tapestry

A group of people all looking at the camera with plates of food in front of them
A delicious vegetarian Lebanese lunch!

After a well-deserved lunch break, we reconvened for "Mapping Our Tapestry." This interactive session involved brainstorming and mapping out our stakeholders on flipchart paper positioned around the room. We identified key groups, including local residents, partners, volunteers, other community energy organizations, and governmental bodies. Discussions highlighted the importance of each stakeholder group and their influence on our upcoming community share offer and required business plan, especially in relation to achieving the Community Shares Mark for match funding.

Spreading Sunshine with CCE’s Solar Profits

In the afternoon, we explored "Spreading Sunshine with CCE’s Solar Profits," where Alex presented inspiring case studies of how other groups have utilised their profits. This led to a group discussion on our priorities for reinvesting profits, supporting new CCE projects, community initiatives, or ensuring financial sustainability. These insights will guide the preparation of our community share offer document and our financial model. It was also very apt that the weather was beautifully sunny!

A group of people outside in the sun, smiling and some doing jazz hands
Our obligatory group photo!

Farewell and Continuing Collaboration

We wrapped up the day with heartfelt farewells, thanking everyone for their contributions and commitment. There is still more work to be done, but we hope to share the full strategy and goals at our AGM this summer!

Three people bent over a table writing on a large piece of paper
Final bits of blue-sky thinking from Tony, Connie & Ria

The CCE Strategy Day was a remarkable success, filled with insightful discussions, collaborative planning, and a reaffirmed commitment to our mission. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead and the positive impact we will continue to make in our community.

For more updates and to get involved, visit our website at

By recapping the event in this structured way, we hope to keep our community informed and engaged with CCE’s ongoing efforts to drive sustainable energy solutions and community empowerment. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making this day so impactful.

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